Turning your belly dancing class into a workout session


Most of the women who get into belly dancing do it out of the passion for dance or the aesthetic appeal of the dance form. There’s nothing more graceful than to see the belly undulate and shimmy to perfection, is there?

However, if you do it right, you can use your one-hour belly dance session to torch some serious fat. We are talking in the range of 400-500 calories ladies. That’s close to what you’d get with half an hour of breathless HIIT.

So why not tap into this innate quality of belly dance and look fitter while you are at it?

Are you ready to begin?

It’s no longer dance. Firstly, stop treating the dance sessions as dance. Treat it as a workout instead. Make a schedule, ensure that you stick to it. You must have at least four to five, one-hour sessions each week. Invest time in it and slowly, you will start to notice a difference in the way your body reacts to it.

Follow the basics: One of the basics of a good workout routine is to warm up before you begin. Warm up prepares your muscles for the onslaught that it will undergo later. It reduces the risk of injury and allows you to perform to the best of your potential. Start off with a few light moves followed by static stretches for the shoulders, glutes and hips. Do the same stretching routine after you complete your dance session. Your muscles are warm at that time and stretching will ease recovery and reduce soreness. In the cool down session, add some ballistic stretches.

Make it intense: If you are looking to torch fat, your heart rate needs to be elevated. How do you do that? By constantly moving at an intense rate. Create a playlist that motivates you to keep moving at that rate. For once, focus on the motion more than the intensity.

Move around the room: You need to move around the room while keeping the large muscle group moves, like shimmies and eights going on constantly. This will allow you to tone muscles while burning calories at the same time. Level changes are high intensity moves that work your glutes and thighs like never before.

Don’t forget the arms: Sometimes, you get so hung up on the core movements that you forget the arms. Arms can be used to amplify your cardio workouts. The normal sweeps that you perform with belly dance can be tailored for high intensity by keeping them above the level of the heart. Make the movements fast.

Go to the next level. Once you feel that you have plateaued, it’s time to add weights. No, we aren’t talking about actual weights, like dumbbells. Even adding a veil to your arm can make a huge difference. As you swish it around, you will torch calories and also improve your posture. If you feel that are ready to progress to the next level of fat burning belly dancing, add some weighted ankle straps to your travel moves.